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Why Becket Jones?

A Trial Lawyer for the Trial Court

Becket sittingBecket Jones began the practice of law in 2011 with the long established defense firm, Hills at Law, P.C., where he is currently a Senior Trial Attorney. Since beginning practice, Becket Jones has represented more than 1,000 individual clients throughout SouthWest Michigan in both the State and Federal Courts.

Becket has represented every type of defendant in the Criminal Justice System. From rich to poor, and cases ranging from minor criminal allegations through the most serious. Whether the defense of the case involved obvious guilt caught on high definition camera, or innocence buried in the fog, Becket always focused on two distinct issues: (1) navigating the case honestly with his clients, the Court, and opposing counsel; and (2) understanding how the client arrived in his office, to help make the client’s life better on the back end of the case – irrespective of how things turned out in Court. Often this has required deep discussions about addiction, mental health, prior significant trauma, and the like. In Becket’s experience, he has found that a listening ear, and a caring discussion can begin the process of bringing about lasting change in the lives of others.

Becket is running for the 8th District Court vacancy because has always viewed the District Court as the primary Court of the People. Simply put, it is a place where the Judiciary can help the largest volume of people navigate difficult situations. It is the best place for a Judge with a listening ear, who is willing to have a caring discussion with all parties involved in both criminal and civil litigation. The District Court provides the best opportunity for a Judge to have a positive effect on the community.

Becket Jones has the required experience. He is just and fair. He listens with a purpose, and is willing to engage with anyone wanting to bring about positive change in their, or others’ lives. He is a Trial Lawyer running to become a Judge in a Trial Court, with the simple desire to improve the County we live in through careful and thoughtful decisions every day.

State Bar of Michigan (2011 – Present)

Kalamazoo County Trial Lawyers Association (President 2014-2015, Member since 2011)

Federal Bar – Western District of Michigan (2018 – Present)

Kalamazoo County Bar Association (Board Member 2012-2018, Member since 2011)

Federal Bar Association (2012 – Present)

St. Joseph County Bar Association (2017 – Present)

Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan (2012 – Present)

Van Buren County Bar Association (2017- Present)

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